Listening Gear Used

Home listening
Sennheiser HD580
ZMF Vérité
Hifiman HE-6
Hifiman HE-4 (with EQ)
Audeze LCD-3 (with EQ)

Portable / Office / Travel
Etymotic ER2XR
Dunu SA6

At Home
1) Soekris 1541 + Bryston BHA-1
2) Dangerous Source Music + Flux FA-10

On the Go
Phone with Apple USB-C > 3.5mm Dongle

I am a French audio enthusiast who got into headphones a few years ago, after buying a pair of HD650.

They didn’t instantly blow me away, because my ears were used for so many years to brighter headphones, so the Sennheiser didn’t come as detailed to me. But with time I got addicted to their lovely presensation and timbre. It made me curious about the overall headphones market and many other headphones I then wanted to try. 

I have bought most of these headphones in used condition within Europe, using platforms such as Head-fi or Ebay.

Personal top 5 (that I’ve owned)
Audeze LCD-4
Hifiman HE-6
Stax SR-007 Mk1
Sennheiser HE60
ZMF Verite

Top 5 under $500
Sennheiser HD6x0 Serie
Hifiman HE-500
Hifiman HE-4
E-mu Teak
Sony MDR-CD1700

Top 5 headphones I want to try
Sony MDR-R10
JPS Abyss 1266 TC
Hifiman Susvara
Audeze LCD-5
Sennheiser HE-90