Sony MDR-CD2000

The CD2000 was Sony’s old flagship, released in February 2000 and part of the last line of Sony MDR-CD headphones. The previous higher-end Sony CD model was the MDR-CD1700. The MDR-CD3000 is their most famous CD flagship. 

The CD2000 is a well built can : light, extremely comfortable (memory foam urethane pads), removable cable, 50mm driver with bio-cellulose diaphragm, little use of plastic.

Sony says on the box it’s a sealed housing, but isolation is very poor because of some venting around the aluminium cups. The comfort is great because of the super soft pads. Like most Sony headphones, it’s very easy to power and you won’t have any issue running them from a phone or DAP.

○ Release : 2000
○ Current status : Discontinued
○ Type : Over-ear / Closed-back
○ Measured weight : 303g
○ Impedance : 32 Ohms
○ Sensitivity : ~106 dB/mW
○ Average used price : $130-200 

Sound Impression
Tonal balance is pretty decent. However, they might be thin / shouty sounding to a lot of people. Not as bass-light as I was expecting. But be aware, they are bass-light next to modern headphones, they just have a light midbass presence and the bass doesnt start rolling-off at 100hz, but around 60-65 hz.

Bass is surprisingly clean and with good texture, beating the HD600 in my opinion. Midrange is full, but with strong energy in the upper-mids (1-3khz). It sometimes sound a lot shouty, but it mostly depends on the songs I play. 

Treble is okay. Except some lower-treble energy I tend to dislike a lot (around 4-5 khz khz), rest of the treble is excellent : right amount of energy around 7-10 khz, not really grainy, and upper-treble extension is not as bad as some other Sony headphones. But do not expect the treble quality of an HD600 or electrostatic headphone.

They sound open but lack soundstage height. A bit wider sounding than an HD600 but that’s about it. I much prefer the Sony CD1700, which sounds warmer in comparison but quite more musical and engaging.

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