AKG K612

The K612 is the little brother of the K712, but it shares same design and drivers and comes at 1/2 the price of the K712. However, cable is not detachable and the impedance is double (120 Ohms). It’s a bit hard to drive and requires an amplifier.

It was released as a successor to the K601. Just like most AKGs, the comfort is very good, because of the suspension headband system and the light weight.

○ Release : 2013
○ Current status : In production
○ Type : Over-ear / Open-back
○ Measured weight : 260g
○ Impedance : 120 Ohms
○ Sensitivity : ~90dB/mW
○ Average used price : $80-100

Sound Impression
The K612 has a decent tonality, but it’s definitely on the bright side. I still don’t know if I prefer the sound of the K712 or this one. To me, the K712 sounds a bit warmer and less annoying in the lower-treble, but it has a slighty off midrange timbre, an issue I don’t find on the K612.

Bass is rather good ; clean and with above average extension, though not reaching super well the rumbling notes below 50 hz.

Bass to mids transition is smooth, and midrange tone is quite likeable- there is a moderate 2khz emphasis on the K612 (which is also presents on most AKGs) that i don’t mind on a lot of tracks, but I could see this peak bothering some people.

Now comes the treble .. the 5-7khz region is a bit too elevated to my liking, as I’m extremely sensitive to that area. Result is an impression of edginess and splashiness to the sound. Mid-treble is ok, and upper-treble extension seems not as good as the K712 or the HD6x0 serie.

Soundstage is wide, but not as open as the K712. I think the K612 is the better buy compared to the K712, but to me the big brother has a slight edge in resolution, soundstage and no lower-treble harshness (despite what the measurements shows). It also comes with a detachable mini-XLR cable.


Measurements & Resources

Another example of measurement that doesnt reflect what I’ve heard, mostly in the treble. I found the K612 quite bright around 5-7khz, more than what the graph suggests here. The K712 was smoother sounding in that region. Pretty good balance from 60 to 4khz, although a moderate 2.5khz peak can degrade the midrange timbre.



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