Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

The Momentum 2.0 is a closed-back headphone Sennheiser released as an update to their first Momentum model, a few years ago. It’s a consumer oriented headphone, easy to drive and to transport, and with a stylish look.

Comfort is not great – headband padding is too thin and a bit painful, and earpads openings are quite tight, even for my small ears. Build is excellent : metal, genuine leather, removable cable, carrying case and pouch. 

○ Release : 2015
○ Current status : Discontinued
○ Type : Over-ear / Closed-back
○ Measured weight : 232g
○ Impedance : 18 Ohms
○ Sensitivity : ~103.7 dB/mW
○ Average used price : $60-100

Sound Impression
The Momentum 2.0 is very warm sounding, no doubt about that during the first seconds of listening. The bass is elevated relative to the midrange, and lacking in quality : too “boom-boom” and bloaty. There is a bit too much quantity for my liking, especially in the midbass. Sub-bass extension is not bad but it’s still missing impact below 40hz.

Midrange might be the best part of the sound, it’s rather pleasing to hear with good (not emphasized ) upper-mids presence, however very often the emphazied mid-bass will bleed far too much into the midrange. Treble is absolutely disappointing : too recessed, lacking in finesse and extension.

The frequency response is not my cup of tea, and it’s the same for the technicalities. Very closed-in sounding headphone, with narrow image and severe lack of air and clarity, even for a closed headphone.

This headphone lacks sound refinement, and despite the nice build quality, also doesnt offer a great amount of comfort. I would advise to stay away from the Momentum 2.0 if you are looking for a good closed-back / nomad headphone for less than $200. The Soundmagic HP150/151, AKG K553 mk2-3 or Beyerdynamic DT250 are better options, though bulkier. The AKG K371 and K361 are the new better recommendations.

Measurements & Resources

Frequency response is a bit different from what I hear. Less bass boost around 40-200 hz, and recessed upper-mids after 2 khz. Treble is considerably lacking from 5khz and above.

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