AKG K712

The K712 is the final K7xx serie model, first produced in Austria and now in Slovakia. It’s an evolution (but more a sidegrade) of the K701, using K702 Annie / K7XX memory foam gel pads. The K701/K702 use slightly angled stiffer velour pads. The build quality is rather cheap, but comfort is above average.

○ Release : 2013
○ Current status : In production
○ Type : Over-ear / Open-back
○ Measured weight : 294g
○ Impedance : 62 Ohms
○ Sensitivity : ~91dB/mW
○ Average used price : $140-180

Sound Impression
The K712 is a good midfi allrounder, with a balanced presentation and a weird timbre.

Bass is quite good ; better extension than the K701, HD600 or DT880, with more punch and cleaner sound. It also does not bleed too much into the midrange.

And that midrange is … special to hear. It might sound nasal on some songs, and thick on others. Overall, the K712 is a warmer sounding model compared to most AKG, but still with some hotness in the low-treble. But the treble is way less annoying, to me, than the K701 or K501.

The added body in the bass and mids attenuate the moderate low-treble peak. Upper-treble extension is decent.

Technicalities are solid for a sub-300$ pair of headphones. Nice open sound, good staging and precise imaging. It lacks some dynamic range in my opinion – but I am usually very exigent when it comes to dynamic range and “punch”, as I’ve only heard a few pairs of headphones I find dynamic and visceral sounding.

The K712 is a decent buy, but the K612 is a better and cheaper option. In the mid-fi category, I ultimately prefer the HD600 as it simply sounds more natural and neutral, although quite narrow next to the K712.


Measurements & Resources

Average bass extension and roll off starting around 60hz. We can see a mild downward slope in the midrange, despite an excessive 2khz energy (similar to other AKG models). The midrange sounds a bit warmish, and the treble remains elevated, but less so than the K612 or K701.

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